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SoilCares Research

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Profile Our strength lies in data collection, analysis and the translation into field-specific predictions and recommendations in an agronomic context. We combine innovative sensor technologies with advanced analytical data processing techniques such as data mining and modelling.
The key to success of the solutions developed by SoilCares is the use of on-site and in-situ sensors, operated via smartphone apps and linked to our databases. In combination with expert software we are able to deliver precise and timely location-specific and crop-specific management advice.
Our solutions are developed by our own scientists, but we cooperate with partners from all around the world to stay informed of all the latest developments and to ensure that our products are nothing but of the highest quality.
Keywords of our work include soil fertility, plant nutrition, spectroscopy, soil sampling, data analysis, remote sensing and soil biology.
With respect to soil biology, soil organisms play two crucial roles in crop production. Beneficial soil organisms build up and preserve organic matter, maintain and improve soil structure, mineralize organic material to forms available for plants, recycle essential nutrients and are key to disease suppression. At the other end, soil-borne plant pathogens suppress crop production potential. Knowledge on both beneficial and detrimental soil organisms will enable rationalized decision making in crop production ensuring full use of soils biological capita by for example choosing appropriate crop rotations. We develop soil fungal metabarcoding to monitor soil quality status.
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Dr. Paolo DiLonardo Tel: +31 6 52002192

Linking of physico-chemical data to biological data in order to develop and test novel indicators to monitor soil quality status

Dr. Emilia Hannula Tel: +31 6 15171739

Fungal metabarcoding, fungal ecology, molecular microbiology, bioinformatic analysis


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Dr. Peter van Erp Tel: +31 6 55761057

Soil science, plant nutrition


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Dr. Thomas Terhoeven-Urselmans Tel: +31 6 55761057

Soil spectroscopy, data analysis

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Dr. Sam Sarjant Tel: +31 6 55761057

Data analysis

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