[Wageningen, March 17th 2020] - Due to the corona crisis and travel restrictions throughout Europe, we have come to the conclusion that we have to cancel the SoilCare plenary meeting (which was due 15-18 June in Budapest).

It is, for the moment, too early to tell how the corona-crisis will develop, and when current restrictions could be lifted. Hence, we will not yet start planning new dates for the plenary meeting. During the coming weeks and months we will assess whether we can still have the meeting at a later date (e.g. in autumn).

We realise there may also be other restrictions for SoilCare work, e.g. for having workshops and/or doing fieldwork. Nevertheless, there are also activities that can continue (including reporting!), and perhaps novel ways can be found for tasks that cannot be done in the customary way. Please be creative and continue SoilCare work as much as possible, but of course within the rules now imposed by your government, and above all: your health should not be endangered!

To facilitate continuation of SoilCare work and keep the momentum, we will look into options to have more virtual meetings. One or more of such meetings will probably be held in the period 15-18 June (as you have all reserved these dates for the plenary meeting). Online meetings will have to be fairly short & focusing on specific topics. Perhaps we will need to go in the direction of regular virtual meetings, but with smaller audiences. We have just started thinking about this & will inform you once plans become more concrete.

We also plan to inventory what the effects of the corona-crisis on SoilCare will be for SoilCare tasks and SoilCare planning, but things are still too fresh now. In a few weeks, we will probably be better able to assess such effects. We will ask you for information on delays and other consequences at that time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions, or would like to discuss.

We wish you all the best in these strange and difficult times, and stay healthy.

The SoilCare management team
Rudi, Erik, Simone, Falentijn