Newcastle Workshop Mark Reed SoiCare 2On July 7th, the first WP3 training was conducted in Newcastle (UK). 

The first WP3 training was about explaining the multi-stakeholder approach, selecting stakeholders in the study sites and creation of advisory panels (Task 3.1).

Stakeholder selections by WP3 forms the cornerstone of the multi-stakeholder approach, and will start by establishing multi-stakeholder advisory panels in each Study Site in collaboration with study site teams. With training and guidance from the WP3 team, a stakeholder analysis will be conducted in close collaboration with these stakeholder advisory panels, to identify relevant workshop participants, including those who may typically be marginalised from decisionmaking processes (and in selected sites, interviewees). These advisory panels will also provide information on the information needs that different stakeholder groups have. Stakeholder involvement in other WPs (e.g. participatory development of scenarios in WP6) will also be supported through guidance and internal training from the WP3 team.

 A detailed report from the Newcastle meeting can be donwloaded by clicking HERE.