Weed management is extremely important in agriculture, as weed infestations can ruin the target crop. Two variants are often distinguished, i.e. chemical weed control and mechanical/biological weed control. The first variant makes use of herbicides, while the second variant makes use of mechanical weeding,  ploughing and target crop rotations. The best option is often a combination of the two: integrated weed management. Proper selection of crops in rotation may greatly contribute to weed suppression.  The table below provides links to existing practical information on the use of SICS weed management techniques. 

 Title  Language Country   Format  Description  Link
Crop rotation and its ability to suppress perennial weeds  EN  UK  Report    http://www.agricology.co.uk/resources/people-skills-rotations-organic-matter-cereals-oil-seeds-pulses-crop-nutrition-fertility


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