The main function of the Project Advisory Board is the evaluation of project progress, and providing guidance regarding future work. The Project Advisory Board will be invited to attend the yearly plenary workshops. The Project Advisory Board will:

  1. evaluate progress made during the course of the project,
  2. give recommendations for further actions for consideration to the project consortium, and
  3. will facilitate a dialogue with fora representing the wider community.

For the Project Advisory Board, members of 5 different types of actor will be invited:

  • Policy makers in the fields of agriculture and management of natural resources,
  • A farmer organisation,
  • European or international organisations, active in the field of agriculture, natural resource management, soil degradation and ecosystem management,
  • The scientific/technical community,
  • Industrial community, in relation to the subjects addressed in the proposal.

Up to now, the following members of the PAB have been appointed:

  • Dr Agnieszka Romanowicz
    Research Programme Officer – International Cooperation, General aspects of soil, land and water
    AGRI.H.5 – Research and innovation, Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development
    European Commission - LinkedIn
Member is a policy maker
  • Toon De Keukelaere
    Adviseur Akkerbouw, Studiedienst Boerenbond, dossierhouder mestbeleid
Member is from a farmer organisation
Member is from a European or international organisation
  • Vacancy
Member is from the scientific / technical community  
  • Mikaël Davy
    Sprayer product manager at AMAZONE SA
    ZA pays d’Alnélois
Member is from the industrial community