Resources for Farmers

On this page you will find the results of the SoilCare soil-improving cropping systems experiments and other practical resources for 1) Soil-improving crops 2) Fertilisation/amendments 3) Soil cultivation 4) Compaction alleviation



Resources for Policy-makers

Policy briefs, policy reports and future scenarios for policy-makers


Resources for Researchers

SoilCare scientific papers, deliverables, methods fact sheets and Integrated Assessment Model



A full list of SoilCare's project reports can be found on this page.


Scientific publications

On this page, you will find a list of peer-reviewed scientific publications from the project…



Fact sheets / Guides

All of the fact sheets and guides produced in SoilCare can be found here.... 



Mapping Tool

A key output of the SoilCare project is an interactive mapping tool to identify where SICS can be applied...


Policy Scenarios

The SoilCare project developed a set of future scenarios for policy-makers...


Final Conference

All the details of the SoilCare final conference can be found here....



The SoilCare newsletters.



The SoilCare project has produced a wide range of videos...



List of soil-related words and terms.