This page contains an overview of papers published in refereed journals by SoilCare project partners.


SoilCare Special Issue "Soil Improving Cropping Systems for Sustainable and Profitable Farming in Europe"


The publications listed in the tables below have references and/or links to the original publication. The majority of publications are Open Access and therefore do not require payment to view.

The publication code within the SoilCare project has been laid down in the 'Data sharing and publication in SoilCare' - agreement that was agreed upon by all project partners at the beginning of the project.


Refereed Journal publications and chapters in books originating from SoilCare research ('SoilCare papers')

   Principal Author  Partner institute  Partner #  Publication Title  Journal  Reference or DOI
1 Reed, M.S. Newcastle University 2 A theory of participation: what makes stakeholder and public engagement in environmental management work? Restoration Ecology doi:10.1111/rec.12541
2 Hemkemeyer, M Aarhus University 13 Bacterial preferences for specific soil particle size fractions revealed by community analyses. Frontiers in microbiology, 9, p.149. Frontiers in microbiology
3 Thomas, R Newcastle University 2 A framework for scaling sustainable land management options. Land Degradation & Development, 29(10), pp.3272-3284. Land Degradation & Development
 4 O'Sullivan Teagasc 15 Functional Land Management: Bridging the Think-Do-Gap using a multi-stakeholder science policy interface.  Ambio
5 Ingram, J University of Gloucestershire 4 Are advisory services ‘fit for purpose’ to support sustainable soil management? An assessment of advice in Europe Soil Use and Management doi: 10.1111/sum.12452
6 Mills, J  University of Gloucestershire 4 The use of Twitter for sustainable soil management knowledge exchange Soil Use and Management
7 Hallama, M University of Hohenheim  5 Hidden Miners: The role of cover crops and soil microorganisms in P cycling through agroecosystems Plant & Soil
8 Lipiec, J Institute of Agrophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences 20 Spatial relationships among cereal yields and selected soil physical and chemical properties Science of the Total Environment
9 Cuevas, J University of Almería  26  A Review of Soil-Improving Cropping Systems for Soil Salinization  Agronomy
10 Bogusław Usowicz, Jerzy Lipiec Institute of Agrophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences 20 Determining the effect of exogenous organic materials on spatial distribution of maize yield Nature - Scientific Reports
11 Aznar-Sánchez J.A et al University of Almería 26 Smart Agricultural Waste Management in Traditional Mediterranean Crops Handbook of Environmental Materials Management 10.1007/978-3-319-58538-3_184-1
12 Rust, N et al Newcastle University 2 Social capital factors affecting uptake of sustainable soil management practices: a literature review Emerald Open Research
13 Piccoli et al University of Padova 19 Crop yield after 5 decades of contrasting residue management Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems
14 Bolinder, M.A. et al. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences 23 The effect of crop residues, cover crops, manures and nitrogen fertilization on soil organic carbon changes in agroecosystems: a synthesis of reviews Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change
15 Hannula et al Netherlands Institute of Ecology  

Inconsistent effects of agricultural practices on soil fungal communities across twelve European long‐term experiments

European Journal of Soil Science
16 Stankovics, P et al. JRC 22 The interrelations of land ownership, soil protection and privileges of capital in the aspect of land take Land Use Policy
17 Frąc, M., et al. Institute of Agrophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences 20 Mycobiome Composition and Diversity under the Long-Term Application of Spent Mushroom Substrate and Chicken Manure Agronomy
18 Bogusław Usowicz, Jerzy Lipiec Institute of Agrophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences  20 Spatial variability of saturated hydraulic conductivity and its links with other soil properties at the regional scale Scientific Reports
19 Hallama, M et al. University of Hohenheim 5 Interactions between cover crops and soil microorganisms increase phosphorus availability in conservation agriculture Plant and Soil
20 Lipiec, J, et al. Institute of Agrophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences 20 Effects of Application of Recycled Chicken Manure and Spent Mushroom Substrate on Organic Matter, Acidity, and Hydraulic Properties of Sandy Soils Materials
21 Tsanis, I., et al. Technical University of Crete  7 The Impact of Soil-Improving Cropping Practices on Erosion Rates: A Stakeholder-Oriented Field Experiment Assessment Land
22 Aznar-Sánchez J.A.,  et al University of Almeria 26 Barriers and Facilitators for Adopting Sustainable Soil Management Practices in Mediterranean Olive Groves Agronomy

Csitari, G., et al 

(including Toth, Z). 

Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences 22 Effects of Organic Amendments on Soil Aggregate Stability and Microbial Biomass in a Long-Term Fertilization Experiment (IOSDV) Sustainability
24 De Notaris, C et al. Arhus University 13 Long-term soil quality effects of soil and crop management in organic and conventional arable cropping systems Geoderma
25  Rust, N A et al. Newcastle University 2 Have farmers had enough of experts? Environmental Management
26 Piccoli, I et al. University of Padova 19 Can Long-Term Experiments Predict Real Field N and P Balance and System Sustainability? Results from Maize, Winter Wheat, and Soybean Trials Using Mineral and Organic Fertilisers Agronomy
27 Christensen, J T et al. Arhus University 13 Effect of soil P status on barley growth, P uptake and soil microbial properties after incorporation of cover crop shoot and root residues Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science
28 Crotty F et al. Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust 14 Can soil improving cropping systems reduce the loss of soil biodiversity within agricultural soils? Book chapter in Sustainable soil management as a key to preserving soil biodiversity and stopping its degradation



29 Panagea I et al.  KU Leuven   Soil Water Retention as Affected by Management Induced Changes of Soil Organic Carbon: Analysis of Long-Term Experiments in Europe Land
30 Sartori, F et al. University of Padova 19 A Multivariate Approach to Evaluate Reduced Tillage Systems and Cover Crop Sustainability Land  10.3390/land11010055


Related refereed Journal publications and chapters in books written by SoilCare partners but NOT originating from SoilCare research


   Principal Author  Partner institute  Partner #  Publication Title  Journal  Reference or DOI
Peltre, C  Aarhus University  13 Seasonal differences in tillage draught on a sandy loam soil with long-term additions of animal manure and mineral fertilizers  Soil Use and Management, 32(4), pp.583-593  doi:10.1111/sum.12312 
2 Christensen, B.T. Aarhus University  13 Impact of Early Sowing on Winter Wheat Receiving Manure or Mineral Fertilizers  Agronomy Journal  doi:10.2134/agronj2016.11.0677
Suarez-Tapia, A Aarhus University  13 Limitation of multi-elemental fingerprinting of wheat grains: Effect of cultivar, sowing date, and nutrient
Journal of Cereal Science
4 Nobile, C. Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle  5 Phosphorus-acquisition strategies of canola, wheat and barley in soil amended with sewage sludges Nature, scientific reports
5 Rust, N et al Newcastle University 2 Framing of sustainable agricultural practices by the farming press and its effect on adoption Agriculture and Human Values