Compaction-specific SICS prevent compaction and/or lower the density of the soil, increase the water infiltration rate, lower the penetration resistance, and improve soil structure. They address the cause of compaction as well as compaction itself and its effects. Compaction-specific SICS mainly involve substitution and redesign mechanisms.


SoilCare experiment results - Fact sheets


UK cultivation   italy tillage and radish.png   Sweden amendment    
UK: No-till farming for alleviating soil compaction   

Italy: Conservation tillage and deep rooting tillage radish to alleviate compaction

Read this fact sheet in Italian here


Sweden: Incorporating straw into the upper subsoil to improve soil quality 



 The table below provides links to existing practical information on the use of practices to address the causes of compaction as well as the compaction itself

 Title Language Country Format  Description  Organisation
Terranimo - decision support tool EN DK/SZ Website A computer model that predicts the risk of soil compaction by farm machinery

Terranimo: Bern University of Applied Sciences

Preventing soil compaction - preserving and restoring soil fertility EN, DE Germany Guide Soil compaction guidance and advice


Alleviating soil compaction EN UK Practical guide Gives ideas on how to alleviate compaction and the benefits to the farmer 

Farming for a Better Climate - Farming for a Better Climate

Farming for a Better Climate 

Advice for alleviating soil compaction: Which methods to choose EN UK Article Provides different ideas/methods of how best to alleviate soil compaction 

Farmers Weekly's Sarah Alderton is set to freelance daily - ResponseSource

Farmers Weekly 

Soil Compaction EN US Website Covers the background into soil compaction and then topics: effects on plants, consequences and strategies to reduce compaction 

MyImpactPage - Dakota County, MN - Search Volunteer Opportunities by Type  of Task - Outdoor Activity

University of Minnesota 

Case study experiment: Soil Compaction EN Denmark Case Study  Provides a case study on mitigating subsoil compaction by modest wheel loads and inflation pressures


Soil Compaction EN UK Article Provides the effects of compaction and potential ways to reduce it, also provides a small trial analysis 

 Väderstad AB | 


Strategies for avoiding soil compaction EN UK Website  Provides the causes and signs of compaction along with protection and any considerations needed

Landscape For Life 2020 « Wellfield Botanic Gardens

Landscape for Life 

Prévenir le compactage des sols – conseils pratiques FR Switzerland Practical guide Details why compaction happens, the consequences and prevention techniques 

 AGRIDEA — NGO from Switzerland, experience with IFAD, Horizon 2020 —  Agriculture, Rural Development sectors — DevelopmentAid