Even though different soils have some properties that cannot be changed, such as texture, soil quality can be improved by implementing good management strategies, such as effective crops rotations that incorporate specific soil-improving crops.  The results of the SoilCare experiments for soil-improving crops can be viewed by clicking on the fact sheets below.

SoilCare experiment results - Fact sheets

France exp 1 crop rotation   france exp 2 cover crops   norway cover crops   norway cover crops 2
France: Early sown wheat for reducing soil erosion and nutrient loss    France: Cover crops for reducing mechanical operations and weed control   Norway: Deep rooting cover crops for reducing soil compaction    Norway: Cover crops for improving soil health
 Germany glyphosate cover crops    Greece exp 1 orange and avocado    greece exp 3 cover crop vineyar   denmark crops 2
 Germany: Effects of cover crops and glyphosate on soil organisms   Greece: Comparing orange and avocado orchards in terms of soil erosion rates   Greece: Effects of vetch cover crops on soil erosion in vineyards    Denmark: Introducing cover crops into arable rotations
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 UK crops          
UK: Deep rooting grass leys for improved water infiltration and soil organic matter   Portugal: Winter cover crops and succession systems for improving soil health         



Further existing practical information on rotations, cover crops and intercropping that will be of interest to farmers can be found below.

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Crop Rotations


Cover Crops and Green Manures


Intercropping and Crop Mixes