Within SoilCare, the aim is to identify, select and assess different soil-improving cropping systems (CS) in Europe to determine their effects on soil quality, environment, crop yield, profitability and sustainability using a range of advanced methodologies and assessment procedures, core elements being a soil quality evaluation and analysis at the farm level (costs and benefits) and surrounding environments (ecosystem services). As different conditions require the use of different cropping systems, and the applicability, profitability and environmental impacts of the different systems and techniques will vary across Europe, SoilCare is working in 16 different Study Sites covering different pedo-climatic, socio-economic and political conditions. Within the Study Sites, different soil-improving CS will be selected, tested and evaluated in collaboration with stakeholders, after which Study Site results will be upscaled to European level.

The table below gives an overview of the SoilCare project Study Sites in the partner countries.

No. Name Country   Study Site Leader Study Site Deputy Study Site Info (poster)
1 Flanders BE Annemie Elsen Mia Tits poster 1
2 Akershus NO Jannes Stolte Lillian Oygarden poster 1
3 Keszthely HU  Tamas Kismanyoky Zoltan Toth  poster 1
4 Frauenfeld CH  Abdallah Alaoui Etienne Diserens poster 1
5 Viborg DK  Tommy Dalgaard Gitte Holton Rubaek  poster 1
6 Loddington GB  Chris Stoate  Felicity Crotty poster 1
7 Tachenhausen DE  Carola Pekrun  Moritz Hallama  poster 1, poster 2
8 Draganesti Vlasca   RO  Irina Calciu  Olga Petruta Vizitiu poster 1
9 Legnaro IT  Antonio Berti  Francesco Morari  poster 1
10 Szaniawy  PL  Jerzy Lipiec  Boguslaw Uszowicz poster 1
11 Caldeirao PT  Antonio Ferreira  Carla Ferreira poster 1
12 Chania  GR  Ioannis Tsanis Ioannis Daliakolpoulos poster 1
13 Orup  SE  Gunnar Borjeson  Martin Bolinder  poster 1
14 Prague-Ruzyne  CZ  Pavel Cermak  Helena Kusa  poster 1
15 Almeria  ES  Julian Cuevas  Virginia Pinillos poster 1
16 Brittany  FR  Goulven Marechal  Gaëtan Johan  poster 1


An overview of SICS to be trialled in each Study Site can be viewed here